Advantages & Disadvantages

Now that we've established the importance and brief reasoning behind having a home network we can analyse both strengths and weaknesses from a neutral aspect. That way it will be easier for those of you who haven't got a home network to see if it would benefit you having one.


  • The main advantage of a network is that multiple users can simultaneously interact with each other and share resources for example the internet connection
  • After the home network is created, as many wireless devices like laptops and mobile phones can connect to it *if it's a wireless router that is* and more PC's can also be connected with ease
  • It is easy to create if known how to - we will be explaining at a later stage just how simple it is showing a step to step guide.
  • You can also add devices to the network like a printer. This will allow anyone with access rights to be able to print a file on any of the computers connected to the network

- Here is an image of what a typical home network would look like -

Wired Ethernet Network Wireless Network
This image shows you an example of what a wired home network would look like . *Note* Connecting wires from the router to the room can be difficult This is an image of a wireless network, this requires all the computers and laptops on the network to have some sort of wireless device installed


  • Buying all the equipment required *dependant on how many computers will be on the network* can be expensive
  • Complete set up of a network can be difficult and challenging for people who are computer illiterate
  • Depending on the network topology type, a broken cable can halt the whole network.
  • If the admin of the network doesn't know about securing the wireless on the router, anyone within range could be stealing the Internet connection and in result potentionally have access to personal data.
  • "Wireless includes the potential for radio interference due to weather, other wireless devices, or obstructions like walls" [Taken from -]
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