Sharing Resources

In this section we aim to show the benefits and/or risks of sharing resources on your newly set up network and also give an example of a number of different devices connected to an existing network.

Networks have become extremely useful for both business and home users in the past few years. This is due to the ability to easily, conveniently and safely share information and resources between multiple devices. With the possibility to even share resources with computers running different operating systems, it all becomes much more convenient.


1. Fast & Easy
2. Access for multiple devices
3. Integration with a variety of OS's
4. Possible to share internet connection
5. Scalability and reduced costs (for businesses mainly)


1. Possible for security to be compromised
2. Can be inefficient if connection speed is low
3. Can be difficult to troubleshoot problems
4. Sometimes inefficient (if too much traffic)
5. Signal strength (of routers) can at times be bad

Example of multiple devices connected to a home network.


Because these devices are all connected to the same network (either wired or wirelessly). It means they are able to share resources easily.

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